Meet Miranda Gerber
Owner of Crealuna Art Studio


Miranda is a freelance graphic interface designer and mixed media artist based in Pretoria, South Africa. She grew up on a farm near Williston, in the breath-taking Karoo, and went on to get a degree in architecture in Bloemfontein, as well as qualifying as a Novell Certified Web Designer.

Before her son was born, she worked for 2 years as an architectural draughtsman, followed by 7 years as a graphic interface designer and programmer in the corporate world. During this time she also studied art at the Visual Art Centre headed by well-known Pretoria artist, Salomi Prinsloo.

Crealuna, her freelance design studio, was born when writing code all day started to get the better of her. Since she used to get up at 4 am to go to her studio and "make stuff" before work, watching the last rays of moonshine fade into the sunrise - Crealuna - just sounded appropriate.

Currently she works freelance from home, while exhibiting her art in the Pretoria area.

Favourite Art Quote

"For many years I struggled with my desire to paint for the sake of exploration, raw expression, and release. I thought my art needed to support an intellectual theory, make a political statement, or in some way change the world. Eventually I surrendered, allowing myself to paint for the purpose of painting and the joy it brings.

After many years of following my heart, I now understand that the very act of pure expression does change the world. It changes the world by changing each and every person who is brave enough to pick up a paintbrush, open themselves up to the unknown, and express themselves honestly and intuitively.

It is through this kind of heartfelt expression that truths are revealed, lives transform, and new worlds are born."

Brave, Intuitive Painting - let go. be bold. unfold.
Flora Bowley

Favourite Artwork

Jan Vermeer
The Milkmaid